The Garage International is unique. 
It is the only non-French venue in the whole festival.
But we have made our niche and home there.
We focus on non-french companies
and we will help them step by step through the complicated procedures.

You don't speak French?

No problem. Leave it to us!

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The Garage International has now become an important and integral part of the festival. 
Being the one and only non-French venue it has attracted and acquired a firm and loyal following of those who are interested in other cultures and arts. 
Audience are amused and thrilled at the same time at the reception they receive when approaching the box office.  They are greeted and served in a friendly and polite mixture of French with Japanese and Australian English. 

We specialise in presenting English speaking theatre.
(as well as contemporary dance, ethnic dance and physical theatre)


Performance area - 5m x 5m / Lighting (12 lamps, 12 channels) / sound system
Benezet is a fully equipped intimate black box space. . It seats 40. There is a small backstage area. ---Benezet plan


Nicolas is a "white space". It is small and elegant with a nice ambience. It seats 20. This space is for those who wish to try out Avignon without having to invest much money. Unlike Benezet, Nicolas is not fully equipped. It has a small sound system and 2 ambient lanterns and one spot. Floor is carpet. It is a flexible space. Ideal for acoustic or ethnic music and small productions which do not need much infrastructure and technical requirements.
Use your imagination. We can also put cushions on the floor for seating creating another exotic touch to the atmosphere.

Festival Dates will be announce in November. The approximate dates are 13-25 July.
Tarif and available slots.